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Assisted Living in Quesnel

Registered under the Assisted Living Registrar, Redwood Residence is home to 10 residents.

Redwood Residences has been created by dedicated and caring individuals whose focus is to extend and enhance the quality of life of seniors who require both a safe environment and assistance with their Activities of Daily Living, yet do not wish to give up their independence or choice. At Redwood, our primary motivation has always been to assist in improving their Quality Of Life (QOL). Many of our residents show a high level of improvement in their physical and psychological health following their admission to the residence.

It is our opinion that the best way to comprehend the quality of housing and care being received is to look at the residents.  Our tenants are not only happy, secure, and comfortable, but have also shown significant improvements in their health, well-being and quality of life.  Our atmosphere is pleasant, and has been described by many, including those who are residents, as a cheerful family home. Our commitment is to provide a caring, supportive, safe, home-like environment allowing residents to achieve their optimal level of functional ability.

Our residents have displayed considerable improvements in all aspects of their lives after moving into Redwood.  We feel we have increased both their quality of life as well as their length of remaining life.  For this reason, as well as the fact that relocation is a stressful disruption in a senior’s life many spouses request that the family member stay as long as they can at this facility. We have attempted to honor these requests, that satisfies the family, resident, community and the health care system.

We attribute these improvements primarily to Staff skills, the engaging relationships they establish with the residents and families, our nutritious meals prepared by a ‘Red Seal Chef’ and overall the pleasant and calming environment at the residence (Please see the affidavits attached from families.).

We operate our residences with a passionate and individualized style. We have worked hard to create the Residence in its present state, and it is our intention to continue to provide more of what we feel is the very best in comfort and care our residences has to offer.

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  •  Located a few minutes from Quesnel in a peaceful restful country setting and in close proximity to medical services.
  • Rooms are generous in size thereby allowing residents to add their own furniture and to personalize their living area.
  •  Large windows and individual access to personal patio and outside amenities give a bright atmosphere.
  •  Each room is provided with a wheel chair accessible shower in a 3 pc bathroom.
  •  A centrally located dining room is available to all residents where they can dine and socialize with other residents.
  •  Large Living room is available for residents to socialize, become involved in resident activities and watch television.
  • We provide a number of room configurations; including the availability of double or ‘shared’ accommodation.

Caring for Others

At Redwood Residences we value the individual and their right to self-direction. We provide a warm and caring environment for our community of residents. This environment is home for each of our residents and we strive to maintain each resident’s independence and maximize their abilities while promoting their happiness and health. Our assistance and services are always provided in a dignified and respectful manner whenever they are needed or desired. Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the many activities offered. Our service principles are those of Choice, Dignity and Respect, Independence, Individuality, Home and Community.


Redwood Residences Seniors home provides a new model of seniors housing in Quesnel.

The concept of Ageing in Place following the Eden Alternative Philosophy allows residents to live according to their preferred lifestyle, with services available to support them as their needs change. There are comfortable and inviting areas for visits with family such as the walking trails on the property, watching the deer or humming birds while visiting on the patio in the backyard. Deer, songbirds and other wildlife are regular visitors to Redwood.

We have varying levels of assistance to fit the changing needs of our residents. Assistance and service is concentrated in the areas of activities of daily living and medications. Our highly trained Care Aides is attentive to the needs of our residents. They are available 24 hours a day and are trained to respond to any emergency. Quality care with respect and dignity is our standard. Our team consists of an RN, LPN and Care Aides are available to assist residents with their health related questions and concerns. The team monitors and assesses resident’s needs on an ongoing basis according to their Personal Service Plan.

  • Professional Nursing Over-site and supervision is provided on a 24 hour basis.
  • We have certified staff (care aid) available 24/7, to attend to all unscheduled and scheduled ADL’s (listed on following page), medication administration, delegated prescribed treatments, and resident’s health care concerns.
  • Medication Administration, Monitoring, Storage & Distribution of Medication
  • Bathing and shower assistance will be provided to residents as required.
  • When necessary, the Manager or her designee will call an ambulance. Residents will be responsible for the cost of ambulance services.

Helping with Change

We understand that the transition to an assisted living senior’s home comes with considerable change. From the uniquely beautiful sites we have chosen for our residences, to the warm and caring attitude of our staff, we strive to make this transition a positive one for residents and their families.

Care & Giving

The smaller size of our residences ensures optimal care and attention that is available to each resident with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Residents enjoy private rooms with ensuites along with the privacy and delicious meals prepared on site. Our residences are designed with bright, spacious visiting and recreation areas and easy access to outdoor walkways, patios and gardens. Family & friends are encouraged to enjoy meals and participate in our activities.


  • We provide 3 nutritious home cooked meals daily by a ‘Red Seal Chef’.
  • Housekeeping ~ vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, garbage removal.
  • Laundry – Of your personal, bedding & towels.
  • All utilities included (telephone & cable TV at resident cost).
  • Portable heaters are not permitted in resident rooms.
  • Regular organized social and recreational activities, which reflect the diverse interest and abilities of each resident.


  • Professional Nursing Over-site and supervision is provided on a 24 hour basis.
  • Emergency response system to ensure timely assistance in an emergency situation.
  • Your monthly fee provides quality personalized services which allow resident to “age in place” thereby addressing their physical, social and safety needs.
  • Medication administration, monitoring, storage & Distribution of Medication.
  • Wheelchair accessible bathrooms/shower.

About Us


Nihal has worked as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Registered Nurse , Nursing Manager and as Director Mental Health Services across Canada and UK.

He was a Nursing Instructor at Thompson Rivers University and VP of Operations and nursing services for a seniors care company in BC. He currently continues his consulting services for seniors care facilities and welcomes you as the owner of the Seniors care facility at Redwood Residences.

Nihal has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Athabasca University Baccalaureate in Nursing (BScN) from the University of Alberta and is a Registered Nurse and Psychiatric Nursing.

When your Mom is told by her doctor that her situation is such that she should no longer live alone at home, a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions goes through your mind. How will this work, who can look after my mom at a level that I know she will be safe and happy. I was not able to look after her as I was on my own and needed to work, my sister doesn’t live here, and my brother had his own health issues so another solution needed to be found. As fate would have it, I was selling advertising for our local newspaper at the time and had just acquired a new client that was an assisted living home. The home was located on acreage outside of town with 10 rooms . There was a nurse in charge, caregivers and a room available. The decision was made and my mom moved into what was then Wildwood Assisted Living, now Redwood.

The transition was hard on my mom, she couldn’t understand why she could not live in her home anymore, but we were fortunate that several people my mom knew from town also resided in Wildwood so she had people to talk to. I was living in my mom’s house so she was able to come and visit on several occasions which made the transition a little easier and eventually Wildwood became “home”.

The staff loved my Mom. She would make them laugh with her funny English ways and the house dog Rosie adopted Mom and they became very close. Birthday parties, Christmas parties and long visits in the sunshine on the patio at the home helped Mom realize that her situation was not so bad after all. My mom’s friend also came and played games with the residents or did crafts. Mom really enjoyed the Bingo games. Musical entertainment would often stop by and play some lovely music which Mom would get up and dance to.

When an emergency developed with Mom, the staff were quick to notify me or my sister-in-law and they would comfort her and make sure she was in safe hands until either the ambulance arrived or we would go pick her up to take her to the doctor. At Christmas time the staff would help Mom pack a suitcase and I would bring her to the house so she was able to spend Christmas with family. After a few days of excitement she was always ready to go back and be pampered by the staff. The staff went above and beyond what is normally quali?ed as assisted living. Many of the residents that resided there stayed until their death and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The location of Redwood is amazing, there are always hummingbirds in the summer, deer all year long, mom always had her ?owers on the patio and that was heaven to her. Mom resided at Redwood (Wildwood) from 2006 until she passed away in 2012. Mom’s greatest wish in her last few days was that she could return to her room in Wildwood and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

I would highly recommend Redwood Assisted Living to any family that requires an excellent “home away from home” for their loved ones.

My mother has been a resident at Redwood for eight and a half years. To say that she’s been happy there would be a profound understatement. When she first arrived and saw it, she was positively thrilled and thanked us repeatedly for finding such a wonderful home for her. And that’s exactly how she’s felt since becoming a resident there – that its home. Over the years she has told us many times that it feels like home to her.

I think that’s what our family likes best about Redwood – it’s not clinical, its not hospital-like, and its not even apartment-like. Rather, its just a beautiful, comfortable, cozy home. Its minutes away from businesses, restaurants and south Quesnel, but its tucked away in a gorgeous rural setting with a barn, greenhouse, outbuildings, beautiful walking areas, and wildlife.

The staff is wonderful and the care is excellent. Everyone really gets to know, truly care for, and bond with the residents. As we’ve told many people over the years – it’s exactly the kind of place we want to be when the time comes for us to live in an assisted care facility.

What others say about us

What happens to someone when they go to live at Redwood Residences?

I am Kimberly McIvor, a paraplegic in need of transitional care; I had no idea that Redwood Residences would provide me with an amazing opportunity, a chance to grasp at life while my needs were fully met.

Their story begins with a chapter of Care, Love and Beauty; the resident is cared for 24 hours a day, always, the person is provided with support and assistance. This model allows the person’s family to rest assured that their loved one is in good hands. My parents felt the professionalism and love immediately on the day they brought me to live at Redwood and that peace allowed them to drive away feeling comfort.

The love given is unmeasurable; the quality of delicious meals and fellowship with other residents provides everyone with satisfaction and joy. All medical needs are met whether medication dispensing is required or communicating with health professionals such as doctors, dentists.

The beauty is seen from every window, seeing is believing, the surrounding property is breathtaking, full of life, the enjoyment of seeing and hearing lovely birds or deer raising their babies in the spring. Redwood is truly a blessed place; I was inspired to open my eyes each morning with optimism because of the staff and my surroundings.

This made it difficult when the day finally came for me to go; the 18 months that I spent at Redwood were some of the happiest days of my life. For these reasons I feel privileged to recommend Redwood Residences assisted living for your loved one. You never know what lies ahead unless you turn the corner and look.

Quesnel, BC

Redwood Residence seniors home is located on a quiet street just south of town. It is a wonderful location in a beautiful setting.

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